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Young Jenny MacLeod and her friend, Pavel, are caught up in an exciting adventure on the Western Isles of Scotland. While caretaking her uncle’s farm on the island of Barra, Jenny and Pavel are embroiled in a plot to steal some very precious sea eagle eggs from the cliffs of Mull. A mysterious stranger is set to pay a fortune to an egg thief and will stop at nothing. Jenny and Pavel try to do the right thing, but soon face a series of life-threatening events that will shake their very foundations.

THE EGG THIEF :(a Jenny and Pavel Adventure)

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WINDSCAPE : (a Jenny and Pavel Adventure)

A proposed wind farm on a lonely Scottish island starts a series of events that leads 10 year-old Jenny MacLeod on a dangerous adventure with her friend Pavel. Can she save her father's farm and everything she holds dear, or will the scheming Wildings win the day?


"an exciting adventure for children that explores a tricky topic without coming down on either side of the fence." Ian Baillie, editor of 'Who Else Writes Like...?' and former librarian.

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TALISMAN : (The Peck Chronicles)

A story of determination, courage and family. James Peck stands alone on a hillside, staring at a massive, three-toed footprint...and the crushed animal within it. He can t help wondering if there is a link between the print and the recent unexplained disappearance of his father. Within hours James meets Mendel, a wizard from another world - Denthan - who is trapped in a body that is not his own.

CITADEL : (The Peck Chronicles)

Book 2 in The Peck Chronicles. First book is Talisman. Third book is Tyrant. The Hedra wizard Dendralon sees the impending destruction of Denthan as an opportunity to increase his power. James Peck is intent on stopping him. He needs to journey to the Eden Tree, deep in the Forest of Eldane.

TYRANT : (The Peck Chronicles)

Book 3 in The Peck Chronicles. Is preceded by Talisman and Citadel. The odds are stacked heavily against James Peck and the wizard-goldfish Mendel. One year on from their extraordinary Denthan adventure, the zany villagers of Drumfintley find themselves the last line of defence against an invasion of Earth

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THE PECK CHRONICLES - an exciting fantasy adventure for children

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BOOK PAUL for your library or school.

He is a Education Scotland Author, Live Literature Funded and has Disclosure Scotland


THE MUSIC - New Album WILDERNESS is out now

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We’re happy seeing a novel being launched highlighting issues of racism in a way young people can relate to - Show Racism the Red Card

Sunny would help children understand the very recent history of sectarianism, and will be ideal text for schools - Nil By Mouth

Sunny is a fast-moving crime thriller for school pupils aimed at tackling Scotland’s sectarianism and racism - The Scotsman

New novel Sunny tackles sectarianism and racist abuse in the West of Scotland - Scotland on Sunday


Luck seems to be on young Sunny Wilson’s side when he survives a major road accident. But was he meant to walk away? Sunny is convinced someone has it in for him – a sense strengthened when an attempt is made to abduct him from hospital.Once out, Sunny is faced with his town’s ongoing sectarian divisions. They boil over when someone attacks a traincarrying pupils from a rival school.

Sunny knows the culprit’s identity, but the risks of revealing it are high. All Sunny’s troubles seem to stem back to the crash. So he follows a hunch to try to solve that mystery… and finds his life in peril all over again.

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