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Paul Murdoch, born the son of slater in 1961, began performing on stage at the age of 8 and in his teens played live music all over the world before turning to writing in 2007. His first book - The Magic scales - was published in 2008 and he has went on to produce a further 6 novels and 5 picture books. Paul has mainly written fantasy adventure books for children 9-12. The first three novels in his latest series THE PECK CHRONICLES are Talisman, Citadel and Tyrant- all published by Strident. Paul also wrote the children's eco-thriller - Windscape under the pen-name Sam Wilding. This was subsequently nominated for the Grampian Children's Book Award. Paul also wrote the Tiffy Toffy picture-books which have been used by UNICEF and other charities all over the world to teach English and to help younger children with counting.


Paul has 10 years' experience performing author visits, not just in the UK, but all over the world...

More than 200 schools and 25,000 children seen... He has worked at the following:


- Pre-school, nurseries and play groups: ages 4 plus, with his Tiffy Toffy picture books.


- Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Independent Schools, Steiner Schools.


- Bereaved Children’s Groups: ages 4 - 14.


- Special Needs and Access Schools – working with children who have emotional and behavioural issues.


- Festivals and Special Events – The Wigtown Book Festival, The Aberdeen Storytelling Festival, The Borders Book Festival,

   The Encounters Festival, The New Lanark Schools Book Festival, The Levengrove Festival, The Edinburgh Book Festival.


- Creative Writing Groups - Adults and Children - Character development, Plot Planning, Settings, Real Dialogue etc


- Public Library and School Library Visits.


- Keynote speaches at school prizegivings.


- International visits to Germany and Cross-Cultural work between schools in Bali and Scotland. Paul also speaks some Spanish.


- Working with Charities – Asthma UK, UNICEF, The Heroes Centre, East Bali Poverty Project.


- Government Organisations - Education Scotland, Local Authorities. Author blogs and video TV for GLOW


- Paul is a SCOTTISH BOOK TRUST author.


- Paul has a great anount of business experience - He sat on the UK Commercial Leadership Team of a major pharmaceutical company.


- Teacher and Company Presentations - Conference syndicate work project planning, presentations etc.


- Book Shop Events - WHSmith, Waterstones and many independent stores.


- Although a group of 25 - 50 is ideal, he has worked with a variety of group sizes; from 4 to 400 at one time.


- He enjoys travelling, and has worked in hundreds of schools everywhere from Barra to Bali...


- Paul worked with Abertay University and FITSTARS to develop educational apps and games that help with young children's fitness.


- Paul is an Asthma UK Children's Ambassador. The charity has endorsed and arranged school visits for the last eight years.




- For booking details, email paulmurdoch1@gmail.com or call him on : 07784235151