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A story of determination, courage and family


James Peck stands alone on a hillside, staring at a massive,

three-toed footprint… and the

crushed animal within it.

He can’t help wondering if there is a link

between the print and the

recent unexplained

disappearance of his father.


Within hours James meets Mendel,

a wizard from another world – Denthan –

who is trapped in a body that is

not his own.

Soon they do a deal: James

will help Mendel

back to Denthan before disaster

befalls it; in return,


Mendel will help James search

for his father.

But Denthan is a dangerous place,

full of hideous beasts and monsters.

And it is about to be consumed

by a battle for

supremacy… and survival.


If James is to stand any

chance of saving Denthan – and

his family - he must

locate a powerful talisman.

Except that no-one knows

what it looks like. Certainly not James,

and not even Mendel.


So fast-paced that your heart will pound long after

you turn the final page.

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DSCN1626 blank library Oban kids 1 Sam at Bramble Brae, Aberdeen

As part of a continuing Scotland / Bali cross-cultural legacy, Christie Park School formed 7 new fables using some Murdoch imagineering. They designed new creatures and then went on to make up their own wonderful stories. The idea is that the children in the Desa Ban area of Bali will recieve these completed fables and judge the best three. Likewise, the Bali fables, created by the Balinese children during Paul's Bali visit will be judged by the Scottish children. Swapping the fables between the two countries, the children will get a better understanding of each other's countryside, language, beliefs and backgrounds. Some of the work prodcued by Christie Park is shown below...

Chirstie Park School during their fable session dur