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Paul Murdoch

Author, Musician and Composer

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"A fast-moving crime thriller for school pupils aimed at tackling Scotland’s sectarianism and racism."

The Scotsman

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We’re happy seeing a novel being launched highlighting issues of racism in a way young people can relate to - Show Racism the Red Card


Sunny would help children understand the very recent history of sectarianism, and will be ideal text for schools - Nil By Mouth


Sunny is a fast-moving crime thriller for school pupils aimed at tackling Scotland’s sectarianism and racism - The Scotsman


New novel Sunny tackles sectarianism and racist abuse in the West of Scotland - Scotland on Sunday


Paul Murdoch has traveled the world performing workshops and presentations on writing and imagination. His latest novel Sunny deals with divisions in communities and has been compared to The Boy In The Striped Pajamas



The ‘us and them’ of Divided City; the jeopardy of Millions.


Luck seems to be on young Sunny Wilson’s side when

he survives a major road accident.

But was he meant to walk away?

Sunny is convinced someone has it in for him

– a sense strengthened when an attempt is made

to abduct him from hospital.

Once out, Sunny is faced with his town’s ongoing sectarian

divisions. They boil over when someone attacks a train

carrying pupils from a rival school.

Sunny knows the culprit’s identity, but the risks of

revealing it are high.

All Sunny’s troubles seem to stem back to the crash.

So he follows a hunch to try to solve that mystery…

and finds his life in peril all over again




Paul is well-known for his inspirational workshops where children explore topics through storytelling and interactive activities.


The Sunny Workshop' (P7-S4) WORKSHOP DETAIL


Paul uses his new book - Sunny - to explore children's attitudes to differences. He compares attitudes to racism and sectarianism now to attitudes in recent history. He looks at bullying and, through interactive work, he enables the children to talk and think about these thorny issues. He also looks at the writing process and talks about realism verses imagination.

Signed and dedicated

Pre-Order: £7.99 plus P&P

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Paul's school and library visits are eligible for Scottish Book Trust funding


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