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At last, the picture books used all over the world are released by Strident Publishing!

The Tiffy Toffy tales began as a set of stories told to Paul by his godfather - The Rev Joseph Wilding. These wonderful stories were passed on to Paul's own children and then filtered out via Olida Publishing to Haiti, Bali, Uganda and beyond. Many charities began using the stories to teach children English and counting. These children loved the tales just as much as Paul and his own children had. Now Strident Publishing have taken five of these tales and turned them into a series of beautiful picture books. Suitable for 3 - 7 years.

Get your pre-order copies here, signed by Paul. Your children or grandchildren will love them and read them over and over again... Guaranteed!

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IMG_6204 IMG_6208 IMG_6205 IMG_6207 IMG_6206 Pre-Order Squished Worm and Bramble Pie

£4.99 plus postage and signed

Pre-Order all 5 tales

£30 incl postage and signed

Excitement. Reading. Counting. Tiffy and Toffy are brother and sister mice. Every day is an adventure for them. Tiffy is out in the field, looking for the brambles her brother needs so that he can make his special pie. But Tiffy and Toffy are not the only ones looking forward to a tasty meal. Kenny Kestrel has his eyes on Tiffy. Toffy raises the alarm. Is he too late? Or can one of Tiffy s friends help her escape?