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As a direct result of the cross-cultural visit by Paul Murdoch, please see a way in which schools in the UK can now directly impact on children’s lives in Bali.


School Sponsorship Proposal


East Bali Poverty Project - Toilets Today, for a Healthy Tomorrow


About East Bali Poverty Project ________________________________________________________________________


●Since 1998, The East Bali Poverty Project’s (EBPP) poverty alleviation partnership with the 19 hamlets of Ban village has focused primarily on children’s education, maternal & child health, infant nutrition, clean & safe water, sanitation, and environmental rehabilitation, empowering communities towards sustainable social and economic development.

●From 2010, EBPP’s Water & sanitation programme has facilitated the building of toilet & bathroom blocks

            for 859 of the 3,500 families living in 9 of the 19 hamlets.

●Today we need your help to continue bringing Toilets Today for a Healthy Tomorrow


OUR GOAL __________________________________________________________________________________________


To eliminate open defecation and improve the health, hygiene and quality of life of all the families living in Ban Village, remote East Bali by educating the community about sanitation and hygiene, and providing materials to build their very first toilet and bathroom facilities.


To do this we need to raise funds to purchase building materials for families in Ban Village, located on Mounts Agung & Abang’s steep and arid eastern slopes, to help them build their very first toilet and bathroom facilities.



WHY YOUR HELP IS IMPORTANT __________________________________________________________________________________________


In January 2015, EBPP launched the Toilets Today, For a Healthy Tomorrow campaign and supporters from around the world rallied together to raise funds for families in Manikaji Asti to help them build their very first toilet/bathroom facilities. We managed to raise sufficient funds for 125 of 135 families living in Manikaji Asti, however 10 families still need help. The community agreed that construction only begin if every family can receive a toilet/bathroom facility.


We need your help to get us there. £1,500 is needed to help complete fundraising for Manikaji Asti.


This is Pak Wayan Sadi (far right). He is the head of Manikaji Asti Hamlet, and lives there with his wife, daughter, grandson, and elderly relatives. There is no easy access to a water source or toilet, so the family travels daily to fetch water for basic daily activities like cooking, washing and bathing, and have no choice but to practice open defecation in the jungle, about 50 metres from their home. Due to their remoteness and lack of facilities, daily hygiene for families is not easy to maintain.


After Manikaji Asti hamlet, more remains to be done, with 9 hamlets in Ban Village, and over 2,000 families still in need of support. We have committed to helping these families one hamlet at a time. Our next challenge will be to raise funds for Temakung Hamlet, home to 216 families.



WHERE DO ALL THE FUNDS GO?  __________________________________________________________________________________________


Each toilet block costs £150. All funds raised for this project will be used to purchase toilet and bathroom building materials for families, and cover EBPP team’s costs for monitoring the construction of each toilet block until completion.



1. Manikaji Asti10

2. Temakung216

3. Belong 379

4. Bonyoh153

5. Perasan360

6. Dlundungan300

7. Ban276

8. Panek228

9. Cut-Cut540

10. Pucang140



HOW ARE THE TOILETS CONSTRUCTED? _________________________________________________________________________________________


Materials and quality control: Each family receives 500 concrete blocks, 10 sacks of cement, an Asiatic WC and all plumbing needs. Each family provides their own doorframe, door and roof (asbestos free), to foster community ownership by requesting that they make their own small financial contribution. EBPP’s expert infrastructure team oversees the construction process, from material delivery to building completion, with final technical approval from Founder & CEO David J Booth MBE, an experienced civil engineer.


Schedule: In consultation with each family, EBPP has developed a construction schedule whereby the community will work in groups of 5-8 families, to ensure completion of all toilet and bathroom blocks within approximately 5 months from all funds being received.



SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP DETAILS     __________________________________________________________________________________________

Toilets Today for a Healthy Tomorrow is helping families gain access to improved sanitation and prevent the spread of diseases. Families living in Ban Village still have no toilets or bathroom facilities so simple hygienic practices, such as bathing, washing clothes, brushing teeth, using the toilet are difficult to maintain.


We would like to pose a challenge to schools in Scotland, to Join the poovement and ask for your help to raise funds for families to build their very first toilet and bathroom facility.


Fundraising ideas:

•Bake sale: Students and their families can bring a plate of treats to school for sale and all funds raised can go towards building a toilet and bathroom facility.

•Talent Show with student entry fees: Students can get creative and perform for the school and a panel of judges and make a donation as an entry fee. Audience members could also make a donation to watch the talent show.

•Join the Coins: Students can bring in coins to join different locations at your school (e.g. distance between the school hall and the toilet block)

•Student designed fair with activities and entry fees: Students can form class groups and set up a stall at a school fair (could be a fun activity like bobbing for apples, setting up an obstacle course, food stalls, science experiments – rocket building etc.)

•School cook off with entry fees: Students can form class groups and get together to compete in a cooking competition for a small entry fee. Recipes involving no heating or cooking could be better suited for younger students.


Schools will receive:

•A name placard/tile  “[Sponsor] [name of school] [date]” for display on the front toilet wall

•A photo of the family/families your school has helped, after toilet/bathroom facility construction is completed

•A GPS location of the family’s toilet and bathroom facility which your school has sponsored, visible on Google maps

•Acknowledgement of your schools contribution on the EBPP Facebook wall


Thank you for considering this sponsorship proposal. We hope that your staff ad pupils will be excited to get involved by sponsoring toilet and bathroom facilities to help families in remote East Bali hamlets improve their health, hygiene, natural environment and eventual livelihoods.

For more Information please contact us

David Booth MBE, Founder and CEO

Email: David.Booth@eastbalipovertyproject.org  

Phone: O: +62 361 410071; Cell: +62 811 399 057

Skype: david.ebpp