Enjoyed the whole session. I see a great deal of author events and this was one of the best prepared, delivered and received.
— Mary Dickie - Library Development Officer East Renfrewshire (26.11.18)
Paul Murdoch was engaging and managed his time perfectly. The kids loved his workshop which dealt with being different and also about creativity and the love for reading.
— Comments from Woodfarm School Librarian (26.11.18)
I found this visit really enjoyable. Paul was extremely engaging for the children, and his speech and books were pitched at exactly the right level. The class also enjoyed the active descriptive element of the workshop, which naturally linked to writing lessons in class! Overall, really enjoyed this visit. Thank you from P6 Braidbar!
— Comments from Braidbar Primary class teacher (21.11.18)
Having attended a session with Paul, I can vouch for how enthralled the children were throughout. He really fired their imagination and the exercises he conducted were both educational and, more importantly, fun! And for us a charity, the message that having asthma need not be a barrier to living a full, healthy and adventurous lifestyle is one we are keen to promote at every opportunity.
— Gordon Brown, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, Asthma UK Scotland
Paul Murdoch was absolutely brilliant, pupils and staff enthralled by him, big range too from P4 to S1 but he held attention of all of them the whole time. Loved the activity part of it too.
— Head`Librarian - Castlebay, Barra
Every pupil and teacher thoroughly enjoyed their workshop sessions. Thank you for inspiring the children
— Natalie Dick - Morrison's Academy, Crieff.