Paul currently has six interactive workshops/presentations


1. The Sunny Workshop' (P7-S6) WORKSHOP DETAIL

Paul uses his new book - Sunny - to explore children's attitudes to differences. He looks at racism and bullying through interactive work that allows children to talk and think about these thorny issues. He also speaks about the writing process and specifically how you can balance realism and imagination. (Creative writing, health and well-being) 

2. The 'Imagination Workshop' (P4-S3) WORKSHOP DETAIL

Paul introduces THE PECK CHRONICLES and talks about the events that led him into writing these wonderful books for children. The children get to create their own unique character and learn about the influence having asthma had on the books. (Creative writing, health and well-being)

3. The 'Window on Another World' Workshop (P4-S3) WORKSHOP DETAIL

Children get to explore two new worlds - a lost world discovered in Bali and the fantasy world of THE PECK CHRONICLES.  Paul looks at Characterisation, settings and plot development. As Paul is also involved in Music, Movies and TV, there is always some time for questions. (Creative writing, health and well-being elements and cross-cultural study)

4. The 'Fables are Fun' Workshop (P4-S3) WORKSHOP DETAIL

Children put the characters they created into their own story. They learn about fables. They draw a story board in smaller groups and then present their finished fable back to the rest of the class. (Creative writing, teamwork, presenting, cross-cultural elements

5. The Environmental Workshop (P4-S3) WORKSHOP DETAIL

This session explores Paul's journey to become a writer and examines the eco-thrillers, WINDSCAPE. and THE EGG THIEF.

He breaks down the process of writing the book and helps the children produce their own storyboard idea. Lots of time for questions along the way.(Creative writing, environmental issues explored, teamwork and presenting)

6. The Tiffy and Toffy Workshop (P1-P3) WORKSHOP DETAIL 

Using the Tiffy and Toffy picture books, children from 3-7 learn about wildlife and get to hear the stories first hand. This session is interactive with games, counting, catching, puppets and music. There also is a small session on asthma awareness. Paul is a children's ambassador for Asthma UK. (Listening, counting, wildlife, puppets and games)